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Need help using the Youtube 3D player?

Youtube provides 3D controls to help set the player up for display using different 3D viewing technology or to disable the 3D effect when no viewing technology is available.

The 3 main 3D technologies are Anaglyph, Passive and Active.

Its widely held that Active 3D technology is the best, Passive in the middle, and Anaglyph the lowest quality 3D system. The main advantage with Anaglyph is that it will work with any 2D viewing device or computer monitor and the anaglyph glasses cost about $1.

There are 3 types of Anaglyph: Red/Blue, Green/Magenta, Blue Yellow. All use the old-fashioned paper glasses and can be used with any standard 2D color display. Tests suggest that Green/Magenta and Yellow/Blue do the best job at preserving the original video color quality.

If outputing to a 3D ready TV you may need to select either Side by side or Interleaved depending on the specifications of the TV.

If viewing directly from a 3D ready TV or 3D mobile device the screen may or may not automatically detect that the video stream is 3D.

For 3D ready TV's we suggest manually selecting the Side by Side (SBS or SS) viewing method when available.

Happy viewing!

At the bottom of the player is a 3D control which allows you to choose whether you are using Anaglyph glasses or outputting to a 3D Television or monitor.
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